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About Visual Studio +

Visual Studio Plus is focused on customer experience and satisfaction! Our talented team of qualified professionals are here to ensure that your project is completed on time and within budget.

With more than 15 years of experience in the Interior Design industry and home improvement we have an expertise making your home improvement project as easy for you as possible.

Let us help you to get out of your Before & live in your  “After”


Our Interior Design service is unique!

We can help you to visualize the idea right away!

Cusotmer Care Excellence

We help busy families and individuals like you, achieve your ideal version of elegant and welcoming living,

Creative Solutions

We bring creative solutions, expert execution and outstanding results to every project we touch.


We are diligent about guiding you through the many choices and decisions, and help you avoid costly mistakes.

Interior Designer Orlando FL
Interior Designer Orlando FL
Interior Designer Orlando FL

Let Your Dreams Come True

Design isn’t about us has a firm, it is all about you and your lifestyle.


We will create spaces that nail and address your functional needs, but we also want it to speak to your personality and aesthetic vision. We will guide you to the right path.

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