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Lagom vs Hygge

"The only important thing is being happy"

They both share some aspects in terms of decoration.

Hygee is feeling the nature present throughout the space with elements such as wood, textiles, plant, textures and "Lagon" is all about the importance of the space, where do you spend time with your loved ones, is all about living the moment, not the tangible elements, the enviroment it is simple.

Hygee = Objects who makes you happy!

Lagon = Enviroments to create happy moments out of it.

The goal in both is to be happy. but still each one has its nuances.


Clearly the "Danish happiness'' Hygge, ranks first for this design concept, but the Swedes are in constant competition with them with their "Lagom concept".

The basis of the Swedish concept is "the right amount", and if you ask yourself... The right amount of what? The rule it is so easy, it is all about the right amount of everything.

It's like when you cook and put a little bit of an ingredient and a lot of other one you like more. It is the same thing, being simple in the process, living with what is necessary. The most important thing is to realize what is useful and what makes you happy.

What it is not used on daily basics or at least two or 3 times a month, it is not necessary on your live or having it at home.

The colors, as in all Nordic decoration, are neutral, this makes possible for you to highlight your decorative accents.

Nature it is present in the Lagom concept, especially with small plants. It is important to feel "mother earth" on any environment.

The furniture is made of noble materials, emphasizing the wood textures and cozy tones.

Another fundamental point is the clean look, organized, hidden storage, overall simplicity.

It is against to the rule to have a crowded decoration, all spaces must be free of objects, everything stored hidden and nothing exposed.

Points to keep on mind to fit in the Lagom experience:

You must dispense with everything superfluous, furniture, chairs, lamps, everything that is not used is sold or donated.

The beauty should be in the textures and finishes of the house, invest on the house finishes not too many decorations.

Living with less junk will make you less consumer. This is something that your pocket will appreciate, do not buy just to purchase something or just to have it saved, you must leave it for others to get it and you only choose what you really need.

Clothes that you don't wear for more than a month should go, the rest should be organized with space between them and that you can select them just by opening the closet.

The dishes and objects that you do not use in the kitchen for more than a month should go too. "If past a month without using it, it is because it is not expendable in your life."

Lagom supposes is the liberation of the banal and in a certain way it will give you freedom.

Now that you know how to do it, how about joining the Nordic "clan"? Feel the sense of peace that you will achieve with organization.

If it is too minimalist for your taste, I present the Hygee style!


What is really relevant in the Hygee style? The importance of the little big things. The Danes give a primary role to lighting, the warmth of a candle or a dim light provides a relaxed and family atmosphere.

Contact with nature is another aspect to highlight in this trend. In all hygge decoration we can see the abundance of natural materials such as decoration in wood, branches, pampas, plants and everything that has to do with nature and landscape.

The most notable component is wood, present in its purest state. The forms are simple, fleeing from the ostentatious.

The colors used are neutral, with white and gray reigning although we can see the sporadic use of some other tone of your liking in small quantities.

Get into your first step to Hygee ❤️

Get into your first step to Lagom

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