• 🌾 Dried flowers are the interior trend of this year. The decorative grass is ideal for a boho look. These dried flowers decorate everything: the dining table in a high vase or as a table decoration on the living room table, also in the hallway or in the bathroom, they are a beautiful eye-catcher and create a great atmosphere.
  • 🌾 Natural Artificial Pampas Grass is taken from nature. After natural drying, it is non-toxic and harmless. The soft flowers are like feathers and will never fall.
  • 🌾 Natural reed flowers bring you a natural comfort, especially suitable for bouquets, vases, decoration rooms, and can also be used for wedding, engagement and other important occasions.
  • 🌾 Add an artistic atmosphere to the living environment and enhance the living environment. Wonderful gift for Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, birthday and other special events.
  • 🌾 When you receive the product, please leave it in the sun for a few days or just put in the vase for a few days, the plume itself will become fuller again. And the plumes will fall off slightly when shaking, it is a natural feature. So be careful when you and move it.

Laila Dry Nature Collection


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