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How to decor your entryway with 3 details to "Make a Great First Impression".

Updated: Feb 17

FIRST, let’s create a "Wow Factor" to Decor your entryway:

Surprise your guests with a detail that they don’t expect to see at the entryway or with something catchy and impressive. The “wow” feeling can be also created with wall finishes such as wainscoting, wallpaper, micro-cement, or any interesting PVC paneling.

It also can be an Art Deco chandelier, a vintage one painted in a bold unexpected color! Go for these 2 extra large pieces you saw at your nearest favorite store and don’t forget that glamorous large mirror if you want to keep the good energy flowing when you decorate your entryway.

This is the room where you can take the risk and have fun making noise!

1 - Always light it up! I love light layers, they are your best friends!

From a Pendant light to LED! When we are talking about light layers the more the better.

Different light sources and temperatures are absolutely necessary to create the right atmosphere. Try mixing them, for example a table lamps with a nice chandelier or sconces lights with Led crown-molding. Just have fun!

They are absolutely necessary to create the right layers for a great atmosphere.

2 - Always play with textures! Mix glass with wood, linen with rattan, velvet with silk, concrete with metal!

Even on a monochromatic color palette the mixture of texture will create a really upscale look it all depends of how you combine them and PLEASE don’t forget to bring nature into your home and it will match everything. I love bringing Nature to indoors, to me it is a must have!

3- Furniture is key! Sometimes we don’t have space for much but thank God someone invented "skinny consoles".

There are lots of options available nowadays for furnishing your entryway based on your own needs. It can be a console table or a side table with 2 chairs, an oversized mirror, or Artwork with a chaise, it all depends on your layout and available space.

From "Skinny consoles" to "Shoe cabinets", I have seen it all and to me, the most important fact is that you do what works best for you! Some people just need a spot where to throw the car key. Some others need storage for shoes kids' stuff etc. They don’t even use the main entryway they go right straight to the mudroom.

We won’t get too deep into your business but make it look pretty within your needs and budget!

Let's recreate this design together!

here some examples about how to decor your entryway
Decor your entryway

Does a 1k budget sounds good to you ?

I know what you are thinking and yes I do have an answer for you! If you are on a really tight budget there is nothing that a great paint technique can't solve even with a couple wood slats from home depot and a few minutes watching this youtube tutorial of "How to DIY make a feature wall under $100 - budget" you can get amazing results!

Here is a SHOP THE LOOK! for you to go with your new DIY wainscoting accent wall! ;-P

PD: You're welcome!

Looking to refresh your entryway but you feel trap on a dilemma about what’s would look cohesive? Schedule your Design Consultation TODAY to learn how to turnaround your before and get into your after!

SHOP THE MOODBOARD!!!! ALL ITEMS TOTAL $984. Purchase all items on your own, here is the amazon shopping list!

here some examples about how to decor your entryway
how to decor your entryway

here some examples about how to decor your entryway
how to decor your entryway




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