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Why are Blue Countertops exotics?

Updated: Feb 17

Blue Countertops are among the most expensive types on the market due to their rarity in nature. These stones cost more than any other type of material and I will show you how you can find less expensive alternatives if you’re looking for something a little more budget-friendly!

A few days ago while I was designing my client's Master bathroom I came out with the idea of blue a countertop for their vanity because their bathroom inspiration is all about an " A SPA IN THE CARIBBEAN". After I fell in love with the idea I started to face the reality of blue countertops, so this is what you need to know before getting exotic blue countertops:

Client's project with Blue Countertops:

The question is "What makes them worth the money?" Is it just because they’re beautiful and unique? Or is there more to it than that?...

Blue Natural Stone is rare in nature and not abundant, which means it’s much more difficult to produce than other colors or types of natural stone. This makes it more costly for manufacturers to use as part of their production line. It also requires the fabricator and installer to use matching shade-specific grouts and silicone when installing your Blue Countertops and matching up seams.

Here are the most exclusive ones I found online:

Lemurian Blue Granite

This is a type of granite that is quarried in Madagascar. It has many colors like blue, green, black, and turquoise throughout the slabs. When you look at the stone from different angles the colors change like a natural hologram!

Why are Blue Countertops are exotics
Blue Countertops GRANITE

Sodalite Blue Granite

Quarried from Brazil, Sodalite Blue Granite is considered a luxury blue countertop color, with beautiful dark blue coloring and white veining throughout.

Why are Blue Countertops are exotics
Blue Countertops GRANITE

Azul Macaubas Quartzite

A Brazilian quartzite with similar veining to Marble countertops, that comes in varying shades of blue and white veining for a truly unique aesthetic look.

Why are Blue Countertops are exotics
Blue Countertops QUARTZITE

Lapis Lazuli Precious Stone

Lapis lazuli is one of the most expensive, and exotic blue countertops out there. The deep navy-colored precious gemstones are pieced together to create slabs for countertops.

Why are Blue Countertops are exotics
Blue Countertops LAZULI STONE

Blue Agate Precious Stone

Durable and long-lasting Agate gemstones suspended in resin to create this exotic deep blue countertop is considered a piece of Art itself.

Of course, they are gorgeous but if you are on a budget they are out of range! The best way to cut costs if you want Blue Granite Countertops is to check out Blue Quartz or recycled glass countertops. They're much more common and easier to obtain than exotic blue granites.

Here are some options I found online to represent this idea without consuming the overall project budget on just the counter

Chivalry Blue Recycled Glass

This product comprises floating glass, clear glass bottles, and some Sky Vodka bottles for that pop of blue throughout.

Why are Blue Countertops are exotics
Blue Countertops RECYCLED GLASS

Hadley Cambria Quartz

Modern and sophisticated, Hadley is a solid blue as crisp, clean, and classy as the spotless uniforms of Her Majesty’s Royal Navy.

Why are Blue Countertops are exotics
Blue Countertops CAMBRIA QUARTZ

Mayfair Cambria Quartz

A sedate white-cream background with intermixed splashes of pale blue, navy, and gray is accented with tan and taupe throughout.

Why are Blue Countertops are exotics
Blue Countertops are exotics

What Colors match Blue Countertops?

Make sure that the blue stone is the focal point of your space. A light White Backsplash with White Cabinets is an easy and classic way of brightening up the space. This allows for the richness of the blue color to pop while keeping the rest of the space clean and neutral. if you want to be more creative go for it but always keep in mind to keep it cohesive and not too busy on look.

Among blue granite countertops colors, the priciest ones are the blue ones which range from $35 to $200 and higher granite cost per square foot. The Blue Bahia costs around $120 per square foot while the most affordable blue countertop is Blue Eyes, that is, $35 per square foot.

Blue Bahia Blue Eyes.

I found this distributor online who kindly gave us a great price on Ocean Blue $24 SQF. which I'm quite happy with because it blends very well with their new Volakas marble floor.

Ocean Blue. Volakas Marble Stone

I would love to hear your thoughts and let me know if you need help designing your project!


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