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Decorating with Dry Nature

Updated: Feb 17

Home decor with Dry Nature

Having natural elements in our homes can bring things to life and decorating your home’s interior with dried branches can be unique, especially when you do not have the time to take care of them on a regular basics.

Decorating with dry nature
Decorating with dry nature

I love any type of Dry flowers, branches, leaves, Palms, Pampas grass, plumes, Cotton you name it! I love the fact that it brings into the room a calming and deep feeling, you feel Nature throughout the room with a Bohemian feeling, and combined with the right Pot you the upscale look you may love.

Decorating with dry nature dry palms different styles
Decorating with dry nature

Dry elements textures are taking the Home decor world nowadays because they add a bit of intrigue and whimsy to your interior spaces and you should be part of it!

As someone who regularly do not have much free time to babysitting my plants, I decide to share with you my favorite collection and I named it “ DRY NATURE” .

Do you need help decorating with Dry Nature? Let me guide you!



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